Who are we?

We are a group of qualified professionals who have wealth of accounting & tax experience. The team at WeAccountants brings a diverse range of experience and skills. We are specialised in small to medium enterprise. We offer a full range of services to limited company, partnership, sole trader, contractors and self-employed individuals including bookkeeping, accountancy, tax planning, payroll & training services. We work proactively with our clients to identify opportunities to minimise their taxes within the legal framework.

Our clients

 Restaurant & takeaway

 Retails & wholesale shop

 Landlords and property owners

 Property management companies

 Consultancy and marketing companies

 IT consultancy

 Transport services

 Builders and construction companies

 Doctors and healthcare workers

 Driving Instructors

 Minicab Drivers

Reasons to Join WeAccountants

 We are not just like most accountants; we are also business advisers and practical tax people.

 We recognise that your business is unique and important to you. So our client care comes first.

 We help small & medium business to grow and maximise profits.

 We say “customers” which is “people who owe you”; not debtors.

 we say “suppliers” which is “people you owe money”; not creditors.

 Your first initial consultation meeting with us will be free, with absolutely no obligation.

 You can talk to us any time; we love to talk to people.

 We are serious about being better and always willing to go that extra mile to offer advice.

 Weekend and evening appointment, high client satisfaction.

 We offered a choice of fixed fees or flexible billing, whichever works better for you with affordable monthly payments.

Moving Accountants is Super Easy !!

Moving accountants is straight forward and super easy! – unlike moving house! 

Once you have decided to move, you simply need to inform the existing accountant that you have decided to move to a new accountants and then we will write to your previous accountants and ask them to transfer over all files relating to your affairs – you do not need to get involved at all. You will need to sign a contract with us as well as provide one of the photos ID and a proof of address – usually a driving license and a utility bill are sufficient.