How do we charge?

WeAccountants offers a choice of fee and payment plans. It will give you total peace of mind.

We will agree our fees with you in advance, so you can get certainty. 

Fee Plans

Fixed Fees:

We have a great set of fixed fees for your Bookkeeping, VAT Returns, Annual Accounts, self-assessment and Corporation Tax Returns.

Fees quoted are charged monthly and excluding VAT, it depends on turnover, number of employees and how you keep your records.

Limited Company (start-up):

Fixed fees starting from £75 to £130 per month (for start-up business and turnover up to £84K).*

Service will cover Bookkeeping, Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax Returns (CT600).

Limited Company (VAT Registered):

Fixed fees starting from £140 to £499 per month (for turnover up to £1m. and fees for turnover over £1m.-TBC).*

Service will cover Bookkeeping, VAT return, Annual Accounts, Corporation Tax Returns (CT600).


Between 1-9 employees are charged at £35 per payroll period (more than 9 employee fees-TBC).

This fee includes all new joiner, leavers, payslip, P45, P60 and RTI and year-end reporting.*

Business Plan and Cash Flows Projections:

Business plan and cash flows projection fees £995.

Management Accounts:

Monthly management accounts fees £150 and quarterly management accounts fees £350.

Tax Consultation:

Fixed fees starting from £280.

Tax Optimisation Plan:

Fixed fees starting from £850.

Dormant Ltd Company:

For dormant company accounts and tax return (CT600) fees £149 only.

Limited Company-confirmation statement (annual return):

For company confirmation statement (annual return) fees £40 only.

Sole Trader Business:

Fixed fees starting from £50 to £75 per month (turnover up to £84k).*

VAT Return:

Fixed fees starting from £50 to £100 per month.*

Landlords Accounts:

Fixed fees starting from £20 per month. Have more properties £10 extra p.m. for each property.*

Self Employed & Minicab Driver:

Fixed fees starting from £20 to £30 per month.*

Business Registration:

Fixed fees for business PAYE, VAT and self-employment registration only £75 each.

Business Startup and Advisory:

Free first initial meetings to discuss your business ideas.

Tax Enquiries & Investigations:

Any VAT and Tax Investigation fees depends on type of inquiry and it will be negotiable.

Variable – Hourly Fees:

If you do not prefer fixed fees or any work that wouldn’t fit in our fixed fees, you pay according to the time we necessarily spend in dealing with

your affairs, and according to the levels of the members of staff involved in dealing with the work. This can be charge at the below rates;


We charge £29 per hour for all the work done at WeAccountants office. If you want one of our amazing and experience bookkeepers to come

to you, we do not charge travel cost or time but the hourly rate rises to £39 per hour.

Accounting and Tax:

For Annual Accounts, Tax Returns, Budgeting, Cash Flows Projections, Business plan, management accounts, Business Training time and all other

Finance Director’s work is charge at £140 per hour. Tax Advice, Tax consultancy and Tax planning fees charge at £280 per hour.

Payment plan

Monthly Standing Order:

This is available with all our fee plans but works particularly well with the fixed fee plan, as it spreads an agreed amount over the course of the year.

Pay on Invoice:

We charge you as and when we complete a particular piece of work (such as an accounts, tax return or other work), and you settle up with us within

two weeks. If you want to spread your payments over several months, we can also offer a payment plan.

*Note: Fees depend on Business Turnover. number of employees & record keeping. All monthly payment pays by standing order.

Any Investigation for VAT/Tax Inquiry’s fees depends on Type of inquiry and skills require & it will be negotiable.