WeAccountants provide training for business staff, graduate and people studying accountancy and finance. Based on our years of experience and success in providing accessible accounting training we understand that all our clients have different learning capabilities. Some will have prior knowledge of bookkeeping while others may find learning accountancy challenging and need more help along the way. We use a flexible approach with a range of training material to help our clients achieve their goals. WeAccountants have experience with training accountancy in a practical office-based setting as well as in client locations.

WeAccountants offers an extensive range of training options and courses including:


Staff Training & System Setup


Fundamental Level 

Skills Level

Professional  Level


Comprehensive Payroll

WeAccountants uses a flexible approach which allows candidates to choose the software that they want to study from a range of the leading options.

Candidates will be able to choose from a range of the leading computerised accounting and payroll software packages on the market. This includes software from:


Quick book

VT Transaction+ and Accounts production Software

Bright Pay ( payroll) 

Moneysoft ( payroll)