Staff Training

WeAccountants staff training can provide small to medium sized businesses with expertly trained employees in accounting, book keeping and payroll.

Some of the benefits of using WeAccountants for staff training include:

 Practical real life training

 One on one mentoring

 Flexible timetable and scheduling options

 Customized training to meet individual candidates needs

 Latest computerized software packages taught

All of WeAccountants trainers are engaged in real life accountancy and book keeping on daily basis. In addition to their professional experience in staff training they also regularly adapt and review WeAccountants training in line with participants suggestions. Our approach means that candidates quickly gain the expertise and confidence required to do their job more effectively.

System Setup 

The success of any software package is in direct relation to its successful implementation. In order to meet the organisation’s expectations implementation must be well thought out, well planned and expertly executed. WeAccountants offers systems implementation and training to ensure that your organisation not only selects the right software package but is fully equipped to make the best use of it.

WeAccountants uses a defined approach to implementation and training. Along this process we use frequent and open communication to ensure that the system is implemented in the most effective and fastest way possible. At the same time we aim to minimise disruption to your organisation.

Contact us today to find out how WeAccountants can help your business with systems implementation and training.